Skin Renuit


I went to this Doctor because I bought a groupon for an injection. I had tried other places before, but this Doctor is really good. He did an excellent job making a very natural look. Will go to see him again for sure!

Martha Z.San Diego, CA

Dr. Ha is amazing. He is very patient and honest. I found his clinic on yelp and just by accident i decide to go there and try. I am so happy I did that. I had botox injection for my eyebrows to go up. He was very honest and told me that there is no need to have more units for my forehead when he could easily charge me for that. I loved his work so much and i brought my mom after i saw my great result.
I recommend him to anyone who is looking for botox injection.
Friendly, patient staff and very clean office/clinic.

Morvarid T.Torrey Hills, San Diego, CA

I have had Juvederm injections several times. No one comes close to the skill and creativity of Dr. Chi Ha. I was really impressed. I definitely will be back for various procedures.

Diane B.San Diego, CA

Dr. Ha helped me fix a botched eye job from a previous doctor. I went to 4 other doctors before I found Dr. Ha….all of them said they could not help…Dr Ha looked and said no problem…

Sure enough, after suffering through 8 years of hating what I saw in the mirror, I am now back to looking like I should.

Dr. Ha is really good..I have used him for botox, fillers and repair surgery. He’s great.

Holly M.Escondido, CA

I decided to try Dr. Ha after seeing an ad in 92128 Magazine for Botox for $7 per unit.  This is an amazing price, especially for a board certified plastic surgeon to administer the treatment and not a nurse.  The office is absolutely beautiful and super clean with a full surgery center! The receptionist Gwen was warm and friendly.  Since he has only been in Poway since July, this special is a great way for clients to get to know him.

I have been getting Botox regularly for 10 years and I have never had a doctor take so much care in administering the treatment.  He actually took the time to numb my face with a topical, which most doctors do not do. There was no pain whatsoever!   He also spent a lot of time going over everything he was going to do.  But, here is what impressed me the most.  When I get Botox I usually use 65 units, 10 for each eye, 20 for the upper forehead 25 between the eyebrows.  Dr. Ha actually suggested less!  He said he could do all the areas for 50 units total.  In addition, he found a mole above my eyebrow  and some skin tags on my forehead which he offered to remove for no charge.  I really appreciated the time and care he took and am going to make another appt for Juvederm, which is on special for now for $370 a syringe, which is an amazing price.

I am so impressed with Dr. Ha and will update this review in 10 days to let you know if the lesser amount of Botox yielded the same results.

Melanie B.San Diego, CA

Dr. Ha is an excellent surgeon.  My mom had cancer in three areas of her nose, outside the nose, under her gumline below her nose and inside her nose.  He was very meticulous and concerned as to the best way to remove the cancer and rebuild her nose.  Her surgery was 6 hours long.  After 2 weeks, her face looks very good, hard to see where the stiches even were.  He used the upmost care with her.  And he is very kind and patient and thorough when he meets with us in his office and when he explained his plan for her surgery.  I highly recommend him to any one looking for a top notch surgeon with compassion and caring.

Simone G.San Diego, CA

Dr. Ha is a highly talented plastic surgeon.  He has an eye for details and provided a very thorough evaluation.  I had a neck lift, cheek lift, eyelid surgery, collagen lip implant and fraxel.  The results are very natural and I was amazed that there very minimal discomfort.  The whole experience with Dr. Ha and his staff was one of the best medical visits I have ever had.  My friends are amazed at the results and I would recommend him to anyone.

Vicki M.Herndon, VA

Dr. Ha is great. He is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated. HIs staff is courteous. He has my total loyalty as a patient and will continue to do so!

VIVIAN N.San Diego, CA

Dr. Ha is truly an artist! He is also very caring and has excellent office staff as well. I had Juvederm XC twice, and he is very gentle and creates an extremely natural look. He did some lip injection the last visit, and it is so good and natural, I just love it! In addition his injections create a very lasting look. I have had fillers by other practitioners before and they never lasted that long. He will never overdo anything, but is rather on the cautious side, which I appreciate greatly.
He always takes a lot of time and seems never rushed. I will definitely come back for other procedures (as needed) too. He is very trustworthy!

Tonja G.Oceanside, CA

I came back with Dr. Ha for Fraxel in December.

The procedure was not painful at all. He gave me numbing cream, relaxing medication (I am very chicken with needles:)). I stayed home for only 3 days (2 days on the week end and extra day on Monday), by Tuesday I came back to work with just a little redness on my face, by the following week end I am all healed and glowed.

I am writing this review because Dr. Ha done another well job on me again.

Annaleigh B.Rancho Santa Fe, CA